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We are committed to keeping the BYU corpora free -- for those universities that have light to moderate use, and which cannot afford a license. As a result, there is no cost to use the corpora, as long as your class or department has less than 250 queries each day.

But if you need more than 250 queries per day, or if you do not want to see the messages that appear every 10-15 queries, then you may want to have an academic license, as many other universities have done. (Compare also to full-text data)

Why the change? We now have more than 130,000 distinct users each month, which makes these the most widely used online corpora. It takes thousands of dollars each year to keep the corpora online (new computers, updated software, etc), and it only seems fair that a university that uses the corpora heavily as part of their curriculum will help to support them. In addition, we need a viable model of sustainability for the future. Otherwise, at some point no one will have access to any of the corpora.

Select one of the following three options

30 people $200

More information:
-- Multi-year licenses (the prices to the left are for one year)
-- One month license
-- Number of queries per person

80 people $400
Unlimited $600

Note that the cost for an academic license for the BYU corpora is much less than for many other corpora. By way of comparison, the annual rates for an academic license from Sketch Engine (which are probably the second most widely-used corpora online, after the BYU corpora) are about four to five times as much:
Sketch Engine price 20 users 100 users 200 users
Academic (GBP) 624 1,404 1,664
Academic (USD) $960 $2,200 $2,600 price $200 $400 $600
30 users 80 users Unlimited

It is very simple for a university (or other organization) to sign up for an academic license.

  1. Make the payment for your university by clicking on the link for one of the amounts shown above. You can also pay via wire transfer if the total cost is $600 or more. Note on forms: purchase orders, vendor agreements, W-9, invoices, etc.

  2. As soon as the payment is made, you will receive an email with a link to a web page where you will enter the IP address ranges for your university (e.g. 123.45.*.*) and/or the password that your students will use. That's all you need to do -- it takes just a minute or two. (Test your IP address)

  3. Students and faculty can log on from on campus (or from home, via your proxy server). Or they can enter the name of your university and the password that you've chosen (a one time process). After doing this, 1) they will have expanded access 2) users will not see the messages every 10-15 queries and 3) users will not be blocked if they jointly do 250 queries per day.

See Terms of Use
See the Frequently Asked Questions regarding administration of the academic license.