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Increased access is now available for some users of the corpora, based on their status. Your level is currently [].

To move from Level [1] to [2] or [3], make sure that you have selected one of the three categories in the [RESEARCHER] section of your profile. (But first make sure that your profile conforms to [2] or [3] below, and that there is a web page that provides evidence for this.)

Alternatively, you can have Level 3 access (even though you're a non-researcher), by upgrading to a premium.asp account, which also helps to support the corpora.

Level Explanation Queries per day KWIC entries
per day
4 Researcher (with contributions) 400 20,000
  Professor or graduate student at a university, in the field of language or linguistics, who has a premium account
3 Researcher 200 15,000
  Professor or graduate student at a university, in the field of language or linguistics
2 Semi-researcher 100 10,000
  Professors who are not in languages or linguistics, non-university language teachers, professional translators, and creators of established language-related blogs
1 Non-researcher 50 5,000
  Includes all undergraduate students and all graduate students who are not in languages or linguistics
0 Unregistered user 20 2,000