Note on advanced queries involving variable length between words



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Sample matches

One "slot" : Make sure there is no space, or it will be interpreted as two consecutive words


One exact word




Part of speech (exact)
Part of speech (wildcard)
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going, using
find, does, keeping, started



Lemmas (all forms of a word)


sing, singing, sang
tall, taller, tallest


[More information]
[New: synonym chains]


formidible, muscular, fervent


Customized lists
[More information]

tie, shirt, blouse


Any of these words


stunning, charming, gorgeous


Wildcard: * = any # letters
Wildcard: ? = one letter


unlikely, unusually
sing, sang, song
song, singer, songbirds


NOT (followed by PoS, lemma, word, etc. Most useful for "multiple slot" queries; see below)


the, in, is

Combinations of preceding (samples)
You can limit to a particular part of speech by adding a period (full stop) and then the part of speech tag in brackets. This is always optional. Make sure there is no space before or after the period (full stop), or it will be interpreted as two consecutive words
word.[pos] Exact word and part of speech strike.[v*] strike (only as a verb)
word*.[pos] Substring and part of speech dis*.[vvd] discovered, disappeared, discussed
[lemma].[pos] Lemma and part of speech [strike].[v*] strike, struck, striking


Synonym and part of speech


hit, strike, defeat
(but not nouns, like rhythm or drumming)
You can add "lemma" to any other type of search, such as synonym or customized list, to see all forms of the matching words. Just use an extra set of brackets.


Synonym and lemma


announced, circulating, publishes, issue
(no part of speech specified, so some noun uses)


Customized list and lemma


tie, tying, socks, socked, shirt, blouses
(no part of speech specified, hence tying)
 You can also choose lemma and part of speech by combining the preceding symbols


Synonym and lemma and part of speech


mop, scrubs, polishing


Customized list and lemma and part of speech


tie, ties, sock, socks (i.e. just nouns)
Multiple "slots" : Create sequences of words, using any of the preceding query types. Note that in each case, there is a space between the word "slots" in the query. These are just a few examples, from an unlimited number of combinations. Note on advanced queries involving variable length between words.

nooks and crannies

nooks and crannies

fast|quick|rapid [nn*]

fast food
rapid transit

pretty -[nn*]

pretty smart
pretty as
(but not pretty girl, pretty picture, etc)

[get] her to [v*]

get her to stay
got her to sleep
.|,|;  nevertheless [p*] [v*]
(Notice that punctuation can be used like any "word";
just make sure that it is separated from words by a space)
. Nevertheless it is
; nevertheless he said

[break] the [nn*]

break the law
broke the story

[beat].[v*] * [nn*]

beat the Yankees
beaten to death

[=gorgeous] [nn*]

beautiful woman
attractive wife

[put] on [ap*] [].[n*]

put on her hat
putting on my pants