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iWeb 14 billion words from the Web
COCA 520 million, US, 1990-2015
COHA 400 million, US, 1810s-2000s
TV 325 million words in 75,000 very informal TV shows
Movies 200 million words in 25,000 very informal movies
NOW 6.0 billion, Web news, 2010-yesterday
GloWbE 1.9 billion, Web, 20 countries
Wikipedia 1.9 billion, Wikipedia
BYU-BNC 100 million, British, 1980s-1993
TIME 100 million, US, 1923-2006
SOAP 100 million, US, 1990s-2000s
Strathy 50 million, Canada
CORE 53 million words, Web genres