seven online corpora | 45 - 560 million words each

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This site contains links to several free online corpora that we have created:

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Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) 410 million words 1990 -  2010
Corpus of Historical American English (COHA)   NEW 400 million words 1810s - 2000s
BYU-BNC: British National Corpus 100 million words 1980s - 1993
TIME Corpus of American English 100 million words 1920s - 2000s
BYU-OED: Oxford English Dictionary 37 million words 1000s - 2000s
Corpus del EspaŮol 100 million words 1200s - 1900s
Corpus do PortuguÍs 45 million words 1300s - 1900s

These corpora allow for a very wide range of queries, including word, phrase, substring, part of speech, lemma, synonyms, customized wordlists, and collocates. Any of these features can be compared across sections of the corpus -- time periods and/or genres -- to look at variation.

We hope that these corpora are useful for you in your research, teaching, and learning.