The BYU corpora are used by more than 130,000* unique people each month (i.e. if a person uses one corpus 10 times in a month, another corpus 6 times, and a third corpus 4 times, that would count as just "one" person.)  For example, 65,000 distinct people used just the COCA corpus alone in the one month of October 2014.

COCA is just one of many different corpora, and the use of the corpora continues to increase over time. Overall, we believe that this probably makes them the most widely-used corpora currently available.

The users come from all over the world. For example, the following two tables show the countries that had the most users of COCA and BYU-BNC during the past three years (3,636,000 sessions for COCA, and 936,000 sessions for the BNC). You can also find those from different countries who have registered as "researchers".


Note: previously we had estimated 200,000 unique users a month, and this was calculated from data for from Google Analytics. The way our account there is set up, there are separate data for each of the different corpora. As a result, a person who used COCA fifteen times in a month and BYU-BNC six times in that same month might be counted twice. By triangulating that data data from our server logs, however, we are able to come up with what is probably a more reasonable figure of about 130,000 completely distinct users.