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In 2015 we started to provide academic licenses for universities that needed expanded access for their students. (In addition to support from universities, we are also grateful for the contributions from many individuals.) 

Note: listed by academic license -- longer terms or larger number of students shown first

1 CN University of Nottingham Ningbo
2 DE Universität Siegen
4 FI University of Helsinki
5 BE KU Leuven - University
6 US West Chester University
7 DE University of Paderborn
8 FI University of Tampere
9 DK Aarhus University, Denmark
10 DE Universitaet Koblenz-Landau
11 DE Saarland University
12 UK University of Sheffield
13 US Princeton University Library
14 BR Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
15 CO Universidad de los Andes
16 SE Stockholm University
17 US Stanford University
18 JP Dokkyo University
19 UK Oxford University
20 UK University of Glasgow
21 UK Cardiff University
22 CN Guangdong Univ Foreign Studies
23 DE U Düsseldorf
24 JP Keio University
25 NL University of Groningen
26 SE Örebro university
27 HK The Education University of Hong Kong
28 CN Chongqing University
29 FR Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès
30 DE Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Bremen
31 US Iowa State University
32 UK Univ of Edinburgh
33 FR Université Lille 3
34 US Denison University
35 DE Potsdam University
37 CN english weekly
38 JP Wakayama University
39 IL Kibbutzim College of Education
40 CH University of Basel
41 DE University of Freiburg, Germany
42 US Portland State Univ
43 US Sichuan International Studies University
44 US University of Manchester
45 ES University of León, Spain
46 US University of Colorado
47 JP Kobe Shoin Women's University
48 JP Keoi University
49 JP Sophia University
50 SE Uppsala University
51 HK Lingnan University
52 NO University of Oslo
53 BE Université Libre de Bruxelles
54 US Saint Peter''s University
55 US University of Minnesota Duluth
56 US Palomar College
57 SE Malmö högskola
58 UK University of Edinburgh
59 IT Univ Padova
60 SE Södertörn University
61 US University of Wisconsin-Madison
62 US Salzburg University
63 US Northern Arizona University
64 US University of Georgia Libraries
65 US Duke University
68 US Vanderbilt University
69 US University of Maryland, CP
70 US Emory University
71 HK Hang Seng Management College
72 US Duke University Libraries
73 US University of Illinois
74 US Montclair State University
75 UK University of Wales - Bangor
76 UK Newcastle University
77 LT Vilnius University
78 SE Umea University Library
79 TH Srinakharinwirot University
80 DE Technical University Wildau, German
81 US New School, NY
82 EG American University in Cairo
83 UK University of Sunderland
84 JP Yamagata University
85 US Brigham Young University
86 US Middlebury Institute
87 DE University of Potsdam, Germany
88 CN University of Macau
89 NZ Auckland University of Technology
90 US University of Michigan
91 US University of Alabama
92 US Woodbury University
93 JP Doshisha University
94 JP Tokyo Gakugei University
95 JP Dokkyo Univerisy
96 DE Muenster Univ
97 JP Waseda University
98 SG National Geographic Learning
99 IL Oranim Academic College
100 ID Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya
101 US Vanderbilt University ELC
102 US Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
103 CA McGill University
104 DE University of Stuttgart
105 JP Chubu University
106 DE University of Kassel, Germany
107 US Duke Kunshan University
108 BE University of Leuven
109 JP Nara Women''s University
110 US University of Arizona
111 UK University of nottingham
112 US Ball State University
113 US Ohio State University
114 US Harvard University
115 US Soka University of America
116 DE Universität Trier
117 CA University of Alberta
118 SG National Institute of Education
119 US Hofstra University
120 KR Kyung-Hee University
121 DE Universitaetsbibliothek Marburg
122 US Purdue University Libraries
123 JP Chiba University of Commerce
124 NO Hedmark University of Applied Sciences
125 DE Universitaetsbibliothek Regensburg
126 ES Universidade de Vigo
127 JP Shotoku High School
128 CA McMaster University
129 IT Università di Modena e ReggioEmilia
130 JP Meijo University
131 US Marymount University
132 US Georgetown University
133 LB rafik hariri university
134 NZ Victoria University of Wellington
135 FI University of Oulu, Finland
136 JP University of Tsukuba
137 KR Corpus and Smart Learning
138 US West Virginia University
139 JP Aichi University
140 UK Newman University
141 UK Oxford University Press
142 US Colorado Mesa University
143 CN Feng Chia University
144 HK City University of Hong Kong
145 KR Kyung Hee University
146 CZ Palacky University
147 UK School of English
148 UK The University of the West of England
149 US U Minnesota Duluth
150 SE Malmö University, Sweden
151 DE LEO GmbH
152 SG Singapore: National Institute of Education
153 TW National Chengchi University
154 US Olé Noé, LLC
155 LB American University of Science and Technology
156 US San Domenico School
157 HK The University of Hong Kong
158 JP Surugadai University
159 ES Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen
160 US University of Maryland, College Park
161 US UCSC Linguistics
162 EG Cairo University
163 NO Hedmark University College
164 DE Universität Bamberg
165 US University of Central Florida
166 TR Fatih University
167 DE University of Freiburg
168 DE Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
169 US Missouri State University
170 US EL Fellows
171 US University of Denver
172 US Calvin College
173 TW NTHU11
174 UK University of Birmingham
175 IL University of Haifa
176 RU Moscow State Medical University
177 US Algol Software LLC
178 RU Higher School of Economics
179 UK Glasgow Caledonian University
180 US New York University
181 US Accessing Academia
182 CN Beijing New Oriental School